We've been very guided in knowing that the Lord would have us learn more about birds this year. We are so excited about it and have several leaders who will help teach us more about these incredible little gifts of God and some of the symbolism we can learn from them.

Each Ward will choose a BIRD, COLOR, SONG and SKIT to go along with our theme of Birds:

Elberta:  Peacock, Purple,
Eureka: Cardinal, Red,
Genola 1st: Dove, White
Genola 2nd: Seagull, Orange
Genola 3rd: Hummingbird, Green
Goshen 1st: Owl, Blue
Goshen 2nd: Toucan, Yellow

Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself to understand more about birds and why the Lord wants us to learn about them:

List of Birds: ( There are over 760 Birds listed in North America. Wow!)
Birds of North America - and their song


Each ward will find a story from the scriptures or on (Ensign, New Era, Friend) about a bird and a lesson learned. Each skit should be about 5-7 min in length. NO LONGER!  :) Here are a few ideas: (there are MANY more in the scriptures, primary songs, primary stories, Conference talks, church history etc. We suggest you type in the exact type of bird you're looking for for easier searching.)

As Happy as a Lark 
Birds as Architects
Miracle of the seagulls
Elijah and the Raven
Noah - and Raven, Dove
Soaring (statue)
Eagle's Wings and Covenants
The way of an Eagle
The Little Robin
Birds in heaven?
A Sparrow in the Tabernacle
A Sparrow in the Tabernacle (children's version)


SYMBOLISM:(and how studying about birds can help prepare us for the Temple)
"The Lord Himself, the Master Teacher, in His own teaching to His disciples taught constantly in parables, a verbal way to represent symbolically things that might otherwise be difficult to understand. He talked of the common experiences drawn from the lives of His disciples, and He told of hens and chickens, birds, flowers, foxes, trees, burglars, highwaymen, sunsets, the rich and the poor, the physician, patching clothes, pulling weeds, sweeping the house, feeding pigs, threshing grain, storing into barns, building houses, hiring help, and dozens of other things. He talked of the mustard seed, of the pearl. He wanted to teach His hearers, so He talked of simple things in a symbolic sense. None of these things is mysterious or obscure, and all of them are symbolic." -Preparing to enter the Holy Temple


"Jesus has told us that the very hairs of our head are numbered and that not even a sparrow falls unnoticed by him." (See Matt. 10:29–31.)  - Elder Maxwell
Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?  Matt. 6:26


Elberta - Peacock, Purple

 Eureka - Cardinal, Red

Genola 1 - Dove, White

Genola 2 - Seagull, Orange

Genola 3 - Hummingbird, Green

Goshen 1 - Owl, Blue

Goshen 2 - Toucan, Yellow